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The awards and recognition blog highlights awards given to OAEM members by OAEM or other recognized organizations.  Add links to recognition program description and to awards and recognition committee. 

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The OAEM Student Awards are open to DEM students who reside Ontario or attend an Ontario based DEM program. Please submit to:
Your completed application form must be received by the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers no later than May 8, 2015.
For more information, please contact the Director of the OAEM Education Committee at

OAEM DEM Student Awards Program 2015. ..
The application form is attached.
Awards will be award to student applicants who are currently registered in a:
An Undergraduate Emergency Management program,
A graduate emergency management program,
A professional certificate/continuing education emergency management program, or
A post-secondary program for which at least some of the curriculum relates to emergency management.
Three major awards are available, in the following…
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OAEM selects its first Student Board Member!

Congratulations to Katie Subbotina who has been selected to serve as the first OAEM Student Board Member (non voting). Katie is completing a Master's Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management at York University. Katie is also the current President of the York University Disaster and Emergency Management Students Association. Thank you also to the all other student who applied. We encourage all DEM students to support Katie as your representative on the OAEM Board.

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Congratulations to Dave Colvin and Olaf Lamerz, this years' recipients!

Please see the attached list of CMM Emergency Management recipients. 

For more information on achieving these accreditations yourself, please follow this link


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For more information, please click here.

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The U.S. Department of Education (ED)'s Office of Safe and Healthy Students', OSHS, (formerly the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, OSDFS) Center for School Preparedness (CSP) provides support, resources, and training to support school emergency management efforts for local educational agencies (LEAs) and institutions of higher education (IHEs). The REMS Technical Assistance Center's primary goal is to support schools, school districts, and institutions of higher education in school emergency management, including the development and implementation of comprehensive all-hazards emergency management plans.

Unfortunately, in Canada there is not an organization (Government or otherwise) that focuses on EM and using it in the context of K - 12, colleges and universities and shares this info/expertise for free.

This organization provides great resources for the K - university groups. All the examples, slide shows, etc are explained in the context of education, making EM easier to understand for non-EM folks.

Check out the website -

If you are looking to have a conversation for…

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See the attachments for lists of the 2012 Ontario Municipal Management Institute - Certified Municipal Manager accreditation enhancements.

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Two years ago former OAEM president Brian Hook passed away.  Brian was passionate about emergency management and was a tireless advocate for the profession.  As OAEM President he worked diligently providing useful services to its members, and to fulfill the OAEM mission of promoting, supporting and enhancing the profession of emergency management in Ontario.  In 2011 the OAEM looked to honour his memory and legacy by establishing the Brian Hook Memorial Award which is presented each year to a…

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Congratulations to our members who received CMM designations with the OAEM (Specialist or Professional) enhancements.

See the attached list for details.

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"A very valuable opportunity to discuss fundamental EM issues, with the freedom to slay giants if we wished."-Richard Kinchlea, BA, FAcEM, ABCP, Director of Operations at the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness”

The Disaster Science Fellowship is a global, online 1-year intensive graduate-level learning program where participants read and discuss the most important books in emergency management, based on the Emergency Management Graduate Body of Knowledge (FEMA), books representing the core knowledge of the emergency management field, as selected by hundreds of emergency management professors from around the world at the Federal Emergency Management Agency Higher Education Conference.  It is designed…

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