EM Students

About the OAEM Student Subcommittee
OAEM cultivates the next generation of emergency managers! We support an emerging workforce in the rapidly growing field of emergency management; a unique profession that spans multi-disciplines, multi-sectors and multi-generations!  Are you interested in learning more about OAEM's student engagement activities? For more information, contact OAEM’s Director of Education Kari Fisher at education@oaem.ca

The Student Subcommittee is a channel for emergency management students to voice their needs and participate in the wider emergency management community in Ontario. The Student Subcommittee supports OAEM in delivering high quality initiatives for students and furthers engagement with student networks. Members of the committee are students attending emergency management and related studies at Ontario's post-secondary institutions.
The goals of the Student Subcommittee are:
  • to identify student supports and professional development needs
  • to assist in the delivery of student focused events
  • to provide feedback and evaluation of student focused initiatives
  • to promote OAEM initiatives at post-secondary institutions and student networks

Meet the 2023 Student Subcommittee Members:

Charles-Antoine Duval, Chair Student Board Member
Andrea Nava-Barrios
Jamie Hvidsten
Willow Althea Kozak-Weber

If you are interested in joining the subcommittee, please contact education@oaem.ca