OAEM Webinar: CERT Program

Wildland Fire Management in Ontario and Indigenous Initiatives with the Ontario Fire Program

Session Description
This two part session will provide an overview of wildland fire management in Ontario, including current and emerging challenges, and opportunities for action, immediately followed by an overview of the partnerships between AFFES and Indigenous Communities throughout Ontario.

Learning Objectives
Part One

  • Understand the processes that drive wildland fire activity, and result in wildland fire emergencies in Ontario.
  • Understand the factors that will affect wildland fires, wildland fire management, and wildland fire emergencies in the future.
  • Understand how a whole-of-society approach can support wildland fire risk reduction.
Part Two
  • Showcase the Indigenous Fire Crew Initiative which helps build capacity to have trained and skilled firefighters to respond to wildland fires within their communities and on traditional lands.
  • Highlight the hazard reduction burns within Indigenous Communities that are aimed at reducing the amount of lost infrastructure and improving public safety
  • The importance the Community Fire Officer (CFO) – Pivotal positions within our wildland fire management program
  • The advantage of Fire Nation Fire Suppression Agreements within communities that have established fire departments. 

Speaker Info

Presenter 1 - Dan Johnston, Forest Fire Management Program Development Coordinator
Dan Johnston has worked in wildland fire management for almost 20 years, including in operations, science, strategic planning, policy development

Presenter 2 - Jaime Seeley, Fire Advisor – Northwest Region
Jaime Seeley brings years of experience in wildland urban interface firefighting and takes great pride in building strong partnerships.

Originally Aired June 27, 2022

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