About OAEM

OAEM is Canada’s largest, not-for-profit emergency management and business continuity professional association representing Ontario’s diverse public, private, non-government and Indigenous professional and student community since 2001. Our mission is to promote the field of emergency management and recognition of the critical roles of Emergency Management and Business Continuity professionals in protecting lives, infrastructure, property and the environment, and helping to ensure the continuity of operations and critical assets.

OAEM connects Ontario’s local emergency management community at a grass roots level, while promoting information exchange, collaboration, networking and professional development opportunities for its members. Members are the lifeblood of our Association and the reason why we do what we do - supporting, engaging and connecting Ontario’s emergency management and business continuity professional community.

'OAEM is a respected and unified voice for Ontario’s diverse emergency management and business continuity leaders. By leveraging local member networks and expertise, OAEM facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration and best practices while providing opportunities for industry professionals to learn from one another, exchange ideas and access resources. OAEM fosters a shared commitment to excellence in emergency management and promotes a safe, practiced and prepared Ontario.' 

- Paula-Marie Jannetta, OAEM President 

To learn more about OAEM, read our Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Conduct, Member Data Protection Policy and Website Policy. 
For more information, contact Lynn McLarnon, OAEM Corporate Manager
Email: administration@oaem.ca

For media inquires, contact: Bethany Lee, Director Marketing and Communications 
Email: communications@oaem.ca