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Ladies and gentlemen everyone can take .000038% of a year to do this. That is, take two minutes. There are 525,600 minutes in a year and all I ask you to do is take TWO. I want you to take TWO X TWO actually. That is two minutes to remember those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms abroad and now at HOME.  We are no longer immune or innocent.

Warant Officer Patrice VINCENT and Corporal Nathan CIRILLO are proof of that.

We should not let these brave individuals…

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As I write this months' musings I cannot help but think of how small our really planet is, yet how big our province is.

In the past many BOSSES thought Emergency Management was the stuff of floods, fires, explosions of all types, loss of facilities due to technological or natural events like hurricanes, ice storms. Health emergencies were a medical issue and for the medical profession to worry about. NOT NOW.

What happens in one part of the world can easily manifest itself half way around the…

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Emergency Management Events

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Niagara Region has a full-time
Emergency Management Program Specialist position available within the Public Health Department.

Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Niagara Emergency Services Chief, responsible in an assigned portfolio to assist with development, implementation, maintenance and review of a comprehensive Emergency Management Program for the Region of Niagara, in accordance with applicable legislated requirements. Responsibility includes the development, execution and monitoring of all corporate emergency/crisis prevention, policies, and procedures, in relation to key areas of emergency…

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Reporting to the Fire Chief, the Emergency Planner will be Responsible for the overall administration of the Community Emergency Management Program including the emergency response plan and support plans, the emergency operations center, staff training, public awareness, hazard identification and risk management, critical infrastructure inventory and public information/inquiry system.

When clicking on the link, you will need to scroll down to find the posting for this position.

Posting can be found at the link below. You will need to scroll down, as it may not be the first job posting on the page.

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Welcome to OAEM-Online

With nearly 500 members, OAEM is the largest and most successful emergency managers professional association in Canada.  Our success is the result of our networking, training and professional development programs. OAEM-Online will enable us to deliver existing and new programs to our members using state of the art networking and collaboration tools.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of the On-line Members Section of this community, and you are a OAEM member in good standing, please email for a free On-line membership.  Help us create value for our membership.

North City Insurance for Emergency Managers

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Emergency Managers may now enjoy insurance discounts based on the affinity of a large group who have similar work and travel profiles. North City provides a competitive program with unique benefits for Emergency Managers across Canada.

Follow this LINK for more information.

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