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OAEM Members are invited to submit a blog article! Are you a thought leader wanting to share knowledge, insights and perspectives about the evolving and diverse field of emergency management and business continuity in Ontario? 

With over 2,000 social media followers, OAEM raises awareness of the field of Emergency Management and recognition of the critical role of Emergency Management and Business Continuity professionals in protecting lives, infrastructure, property and the environment, and helping to ensure the continuity of operations and critical assets. 

Posts should focus on current emergency management and business continuity subjects and be no longer than 750 words. Most of our posts are written in a first-person narrative style to recognize authenticity and encourage a broader reach, but we also welcome research-based posts. Some examples include:

  • Emergency and business continuity experiences
  • Best-practices and lessons applied
  • Emerging technologies, new tools, skills and tactics for emergency management practitioners
  • Mental health for emergency managers
  • Emergency Social Services
  • Emerging risks and hazards
  • Community resilience
  • Interoperability

How to submit a Guest Blog?

o   Submit your Guest Blog post via email to president@oaem.ca with subject line ‘OAEM Guest Blog Request’. 
o   Attach your post to the email in Word format

o   Provide your name, brief biography (2 to 3 sentences) and photo of yourself  


o   Content for the Guest Blog should be original
o   Your post should be at least 400 words and no more than 750 words
o   OAEM’s Marketing and Communications Team will review and approve all Guest Blog posts

Inquires: Please direct inquiries to Paula-Marie Jannetta, OAEM President at president@oaem.ca